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Helping you cope, learn & grow from life’s challenges

Resilience Clinical Psychology provides empathic and high-quality psychological therapy services to help build resilience in adult individuals and couples.

Our approach

Throughout our lives, there will be times of stress and adversity. Our purpose is to help you adapt to life’s challenges and emerge even stronger than before.

Clinical Psychology

Our therapy approach focuses on the core elements of Resilience:


Drawing on clients’ existing strengths to adapt to life’s challenges.


Building healthier thinking patterns, behaviours and ways to manage emotions.


Personal growth and empowerment through clarifying values, meaning and purpose.

Clinical Psychology

Meet Mai Dao

Mai Dao is a warm and empathic Clinical Psychologist who is dedicated to providing clients with high quality evidence-based psychological therapy, which is collaborative and tailored to the individual.

We're here to help you cope, learn and grow from life’s challenges

Book an appointment today and emerge even stronger than before. 

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